Download Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo [Season 1] Anime All Episodes Hindi (Fan Dubbed) 480p [50MB] || 720p [100MB]mkv

Download Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo [Season 1] Anime All Episodes Hindi (Fan Dubbed) 480p [50MB] || 720p [100MB]mkv

✅ Download Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo Season 1 All Episodes [Hindi HQ Dubbed] and it is available in 480p, 720p of each episode 70MB. This Series was Published By the Tokyo MX… BS11… Tochigi TV… This series is based on Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance. This Series is available in WeB-Rip Print with Hindi High-Quality Fan Dubbed + ORG English Audio. Season and Episode Wise Link Below. Click on the links below to proceed👇

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Are You Really the Only One Who Likes Me Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance | October 3, 2019 (Japan) Summary:
Countries: JapanLanguages: Japanese

Download Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo S01 Hindi HQ Fan Dubbed 480p, 720p & 1080p -SouLDubbeRs

Series Info:

  • Full Name: Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo
  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 14
  • Language: Hindi [HQ UnOfficial Dubbed]
  • Release Year: 2019-
  • Size:  60MB (Each Episode)
  • Quality: 480, 720p –WeB-Rip
  • Format: Mkv
  • Dubbed By: SouLDubbeRs



Joro And Pansy Ova Oresuki Ova – Otosection

Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo Episode #05 | The Anime Rambler - By  Benigmatica

Mad le Zisell] Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake Ka Yo - 04 [720p].mkv :: Nyaa

Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo Tv Series Hindi Dubbed Esubs BluRay 480p-720p HD Download

Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo Season 01

Episode 01 :
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Episode 02 :
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Episode 03 :
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Episode 04 :
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The great philosopher Peter Griffin once promised the world in song that he was a man who positively could do all the things that make us laugh and cry and if you’ve seen the show lately you know that’s complete Buncombe forget making us cry Family Guy can barely do one thing that makes us laugh am i right those nonsensical cutaway gags much like this one probably shouldn’t have made it the cold-open

Erase key is a harem comedy anime about a surly teenager [ __ ] masquerading as a nice guy with a very big team next to it who wants to do a sex on basically every girl in his schools postal code and also quite possibly his best friend it’s a raunchy goofy zany cynical self-aware shun reparative it could honestly give kono supa a run for its money and it’s also very nearly brought tears to my eyes more than once it hasn’t quite done all

The things that make me laugh and cry it’s only like 12 episodes long and that’s a lot of things but it has done some this show wins laughs with hysterical fourth wall breaks sharp parodies of harem tropes and impressively animated site gags but at the same time it delivers more than its share of tense drama romantic catharsis and even some genuinely heartwarming emotional moments oh and of course some quality fanservice – juggling such

Disparate tones so effectively is damned impressive in both rock OODA the author of the original light novels and the screenwriter for the anime and director aki taya noriaki deserve immense props for that and their excellent work here in general every episode it seems erase key manages to take me places I never expected it to all without losing its comedic edge somehow that has made it especially difficult to place my finger on this show’s pulse and figure out

Exactly what it’s trying to say but I’ve had plenty of fun letting it surprise me and now that I think I have a handle on it it’s shaping up to be one of my favorite love stories in all of anime but I’m getting a little ahead of myself firstly I gotta let you know that this video is sponsored by crunchyroll where you can watch a race key and a ton of other great anime on demand in English the same day they are in Japan stick around to the end of the video to learn

More now secondly if you don’t know what a race Keys all about already let me get you up to speed this will spoil the first three episodes or so but I’ll keep my discussions of everything it happens thereafter vague the show is set in a typical Japanese high school our hero I’m with su u Joro Kisaragi fancies himself a future harem protagonist and diligently plays the part of an unassuming nice guy team to make it

Happen when he’s invited on back-to-back weekend dates with his bubbly childhood friend Ali Himawari Hinata and the cool beautiful class president Sakura cosmos Akeno it seems like he’s set to hit a harem homerun but sadly fate decides to put him on the bench instead to be clear he does hear very passionate romantic confessions from the both of them it’s just that they’re directed at his best friend the school’s baseball ace tayo

Sun chan-ocha the girls do want Joro but only as a wingman and that might have been the end of things for him if he really were the nice guy he makes himself out to be but in reality Joro is a calculating manipulative self-centered liar you know the kind of guy who’d actually try to have a harem in real life and not content to be a horny hanger on to the blossoming harem of his handsomer pal he hatches a cunning scheme he’ll give both girls equal

Assistance in their romantic pursuits and then swoop in to pick up the loser when the dust is settled and he might have gotten away with it too if not for the meddling of the titular only one who loves him the school’s creepy student librarian su mere echo pansy Sancho Queen pansy mostly shows her affection by stalking Joro constantly and thanks to that hobby she’s privy to his plan to play cosmos and Himawari against each other

Knowledge that she uses to blackmail him into spending every lunch hour with her that’s bad news for your boy Joro because while both of the girls that he likes are crushing hard on son chan son Shan good guy that he is only has eyes for one and you guessed it that one is pansy which really puts our hero between a rock and a hard place does he keep his promises to Himawari and cosmos or betray them both and try to convince pansy that Sun Shan is the guy for her

The first few episodes follow Joro on an intense downward spiral as the tensions between all of his friends conflicting desires begin pulling their relationships apart at the seams eventually things come to a head when his many deceits are revealed and Himawari sunshine and cosmos all turned their backs on him with a bit of prodding on pansies part though sunshine admits that he actually laid a trap to ruin his own friend’s

Reputation as petty revenge for both pansy and his middle school crush choosing Joro over him so it turns out he’s not such a good guy either which doesn’t go over so well with either Joro or the other girls listening in pansies pretty good at this [ __ ] and that’s a pretty common theme with this show unlike the heroes of other rom-coms like say gamers who are mostly content to let the winds of fate in the form of absurd comedic misunderstandings carry them

Where they may the characters in a race key are very proactive in their romantic pursuits and none of them are above lying and cheating to get their way where the vast majority of anime look at highschool through Rose tinted lenses erase key frames it from a much less flattering angle Joro school is a superficial den of vipers where nobodies who they pretend to be and pretty much everyone is out to [ __ ] someone else in both senses of the

Term sometimes both at once outside of a title or thumbnail where nuance is kind of impossible I wouldn’t exactly call this show realistic it’s a bit too theatrical and exaggerated for that but it does accurately reflect a reality of high school that other anime tend to ignore namely that teenagers kind of suck and they’re raging hormones often make them do really shitty things to each other for no good reason paradoxically though high school is also

A place where ironclad friendships are forged and where even through all the [ __ ] many people manage to make memories that last them a lifetime and what makes a race ski so special in my eyes at least is that it’s found a way to reflect both of those realities Joro is a hot garbage person in a lot of ways but skeezy ulterior motives or not he is also generally pretty helpful to those around him and sensitive to their feelings and above all he does genuinely

Want to see all of his friends be happy it’s just that he also wants to see a lot of them be naked pansy is only able to blackmail him in the first place because he really values sons friendship above even his romantic interest in the two girls and he doesn’t want his best friend to what kind of guy he really is and even once everything’s out there and everyone’s feelings are badly hurt he still values that friendship along with

The friendship of Himawari oh and also cosmos I guess even if it does slip his mind for a bit for all the damage done to their collective pride and Trust the thing that hurts Joro and his friends the most ends up being the distance their fight foots between them and spurred on by pansies advice they end up closing it by just apologizing and forgiving each other and saying they want to be friends again in a series of scenes that absolutely caught me off

Guard with how heartwarming and sincere they turned out to be I really wanted it for them as I was watching too because as shitty as these kids had just been to each other they’re also fantastic entertaining characters who have wonderful chemistry with one another and while none of them are really great people they’re not all bad either son Chan is like a bit of a pro you know but he’s also like a total bro he’s always cheerful and positive

Doing his best to encourage those around him when Joro needs him he steps up to the plate every time except for that one really bad one and as much steak as he clearly puts in his pride and ego he’s pretty much always willing to endure a bit of embarrassment if it means helping out a friend he and Jordan and it’s really fun just watching them interact which is not something I can say for 99% of all male friendships in harem anime so that alone sets this show apart and

Not every character stands out quite that much behind you Himawari is probably the most conventional out of the main cast a cheerful energetic Genki girl almost through and through at her worst she’s annoyingly peppy and oblivious but at her best she’s adorably peppy and oblivious and lines between the two often blur like when she gets all excited and hugs Joro real tight and it’s super cute and also he can feel things

Squishing into other things did I mention the fanservice and the show is pretty good because it’s pretty good but then she did also just tell him that she has a big crush on his best friend so at the end of the day all of that ends up being more frustrating than else he mawari is just as liable to make an awkward moment awkward er by failing to read the room as she is to lift everyone’s spirits with rom OE energy and that makes her a

Fun wild card to throw into pretty much any scene she’s not the brightest in a lot of respects but she does have a strong intuition and she’ll always go all out for her friends so it’s not good to underestimate her where Himawari is an airhead cosmos is actually pretty smart at least on paper unfortunately genius-level academic performance doesn’t always translate to common sense she’s got very little concept of what’s

Normal when they’re all studying for instance she thinks nothing of asking everyone else to do 6000 math questions in one afternoon and she tends to flounder when things don’t go exactly according to her meticulous plans though when they do those plans almost always get results so both girls are kind of idiots but they’re very different kinds of idiots and their idiocy expresses itself in very different ways perhaps best

Exemplified in scenes where Joro asks them to act natural such as when he sets up coincidental encounters with sunshine for them he mawari is the type to awkwardly stammer her way through the bit fumbling lines and mixing up stage directions while cosmos has a tendency to over act like she’s on stage at the local Kabuki theater both of these dynamics make for some excellent comedy but to me cosmos is particularly hilarious because she seems to genuinely

Believe her acting is convincing and by Kabuki standards she’s actually not half bad in-between the ditzy Genki girl and disconnected genius there’s pansy quiet sharp-tongued and standoffish she spends most of her time watching other people especially Joro but not just him and as a result she’s pretty good at reading them despite both boys efforts to hide their true selves she easily sees through both sunshine and Joro deep enough into the ladder to see some

Goodness that even he’s not aware of she’s creepy borderline terrif at times and she has no sense of boundaries but pansy really gets Joro and she loves him not just in spite of his rough edges but for them the show manages to make that affection feel touching and genuine even as it’s playing their worst sides off each other and making jokes about how she’s constantly stalking him and much as she might bother him she does help him out a

Lot too it’s only because of her that he was able to reconcile with his friends after their big blowup after all I mean she did contribute to making that blow-up bigger than it might have been but in her defense the blast also served to clear the air between all of them when the series begins Joro has to hide his cynical cold side from everyone around him he can only really let his guard down around pansy who already knows his secret and as it turns out son

Chan is hiding similar things from him but after they all make up Joro can be himself around his friends and they can all do the same which ends up bringing them closer together instead of pushing them apart as he feared eventually without spoiling things Joro helps lonely pansy become an integral part of the group too and they quickly come to accept her for all of her quirks as the series goes on and these friends are thrown into even more turbulent social

Upheaval by other horrible teenagers many of whom make great additions to the harem in their own right down the line but I’ll let you discover that for yourselves Joro son chan cosmos Himawari and pansy all help each other through it that dynamic I think points to the trick behind the show’s tonal juggling I’d erase ki is able to balance cynical irony and sappy emotional sincerity so effectively because it’s core message

Contains a little bit of both where many love stories try to find catharsis in how love makes us feel erase key explores how love makes us grow specifically by developing a sense of responsibility to our loved ones learning to be more open and honest with them and learning from all the stupid awful mistakes that we make because we’re in love and just because we’re human and humans can be kind of terrible

That process can be really really funny but also sad painful and touching at times just like this show and that’s why I’m loving it so dang much if this videos made you want to check out a race ki for yourself remember that you can do so using today’s sponsor crunchyroll Rolle is North America’s premier anime streaming service where you can watch a massive back catalogue of older shows along with the latest episodes of brand-new series like grace ki my hero

Academia ascendance of a bookworm and assassins pride just to name a few simulcast in English and many other languages the same day they air in Japan with apps available for just about every device you can think of from game consoles to Smart TVs crunchyroll is one of the most convenient ways to watch anime out there and they’re fantastic cue feature makes it easy to keep track of everything you’re watching speaking as someone who’s job often leaves him

Juggling over a dozen different seasonal anime at once I don’t know how I’d live without it to get started with crunchyroll premium and see for yourself how simple and easy watching the latest and greatest anime can be click the link in the dooblydoo or head to slash basement to sign up for a 14-day free trial today but before you go let me know in the comments below what you think of a race key if you’ve seen it and if not which

Other harem anime are your personal favorites and if you’re gonna be sticking around on YouTube for a while longer please consider checking out my anime lay analysis of the incredible fight between Tanger oh and rui from demon slayer which has finally been released from copyright jail after over a month i’m jeff thew professional [ __ ] signing out from my mother’s basement


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