Download The Rising of the Shield Hero [Season 1] Anime All Episodes Hindi (Fan Dubbed) 480p [50MB] || 720p [100MB]mkv

Download The Rising of the Shield Hero [Season 1] Anime All Episodes Hindi (Fan Dubbed) 480p [50MB] || 720p [100MB]mkv

✅ Download The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1 All Episodes [Hindi HQ Dubbed] and it is available in 480p, 720p of each episode 70MB. This Series was Published By the AT-X… TV Aichi… Tokyo MX… Sun TV… TVQ… BS11… KBS Kyoto… Aniplus… network.. This series is based on Animation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama. This Series is available in WeB-Rip Print with Hindi High-Quality Fan Dubbed + ORG English Audio. Season and Episode Wise Link Below. Click on the links below to proceed👇

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance | January 9, 2019 (United States) Summary: Stories of old tell of four otherworldly heroes - wielding the sword, spear, bow, and shield - who defended the land from wave after wave of calamity. With the fate of the world in balance, ... Read all
Countries: JapanLanguages: Japanese

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Series Info:

  • Full Name: The Rising of the Shield Hero
  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 34
  • Language: Hindi [HQ UnOfficial Dubbed]
  • Release Year: 2019-
  • Size:  60MB (Each Episode)
  • Quality: 480, 720p –WeB-Rip
  • Format: Mkv
  • Dubbed By: SouLDubbeRs



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The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 20 Preview Stills and Synopsis | MANGA.TOKYO #anime #shieldhero #screenshots #naofumi #… | Anime, Hero, Cute anime character

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SEASON TWO BEFORE HE SHAT ALL OVER IT? The world may never know. So Shield Hero is a thing. It’s a Fantasy Isekai anime from January
of 2019 about a guy who gets transported to another world, gets mysterious video game like powers and
is tasked with the inevitable mission to save the world from destruction or else….? The initial premise of the series really isn’t
all that much to write home about and while my words on the topic will probably
seem quite negative on the work,

It’s not because Shield Hero is “technically”
all that bad, but rather to me it’s just infuriating… My initial thoughts on the series was that
it was a barebones mishmash of well-established iseki tropes that tries
to disguise itself as something truly good by just having far better production quality
then it deserves. You can also call this the Sword Art Online
effect. Because we have to get that joke in here somewhere. When a well written work gets an above average
level of production it becomes a masterpiece that can transcend all, even years after its release,
Shield Hero did not seem like that to me at all when I first watched it. It’s
pretty, yes, and its soundtrack is phenomenal (which I’m saying because I think it is
and not because I’ve actually had sushi with the composer and think he’s a great
bloke). But as far as a piece of entertainment

I felt like Shield Hero was just an example
of someone chucking a bunch of money at it with hopes that over-producing it will have
a good effect. Which arguably it did. It’s still trending relatively well on Crunchyroll’s
popular anime tab despite it being 3 months since the show ended, sitting just
under a show that is STILL airing. or was when I took that screenshot. Also the fact that the Shield Hero ad loaded
while I was taking this screenshot is just *chef’s kiss* But here’s the thing, I wanted to try something
new with this video, while it should be very clear that I have
major problems with this series, and if that’s not clear yet it might be
soon, I do realise that it does still hold a semblance of popularity and interest. So rather than
simply disregard the likes of those people

For whatever reason, I wanted to see if I could figure out if some
of my major problems with the series are just personal gripes that I have. Are
there highlights to the show that potentially could be major positives for some people that
I can’t see because I can’t get over either my own problems or biases? And really
I just want to know, to be able to explain to myself why people like show in a way that
I can rationalize when I personally had to stop multiple times during my watch
through because of things I found insufferable. So Ladies, Gentlemen and others, my name is
Arkada and welcome to Glass Reflection where today we are looking at the first season
of the 2019 adaption for The Rising of the Shield Hero. Let’s Jam. Hey, if you couldn’t figure it out by this
point, there’s a decent chance

I’m going to be spoiling things about the
plot of the series for a variety of reasons. If that bothers you feel free to stop now.
Otherwise carry on! Let’s start a bit backwards so that we can
properly begin with the obvious good points; the things that I’d like to hope are objectively
positive. The animation production was handled by the crew over at Kinema Citrus,
coming off the successes of both the depressing fantasy adventure that was Made in Abyss from 2017,
and last year’s musical extravaganza Revue Starlight. As such it shouldn’t be controversial to
say that Shield Hero looks gorgeous, from top to bottom the designs of the characters
and backgrounds alongside the action animation and even UI elements
make the series land on a step higher then its genre contemporary’s.

I’m using contemporary’s like this is an old show, what’s wrong with me… The music and sound design is equally of high
quality, though this here is even where I start getting into my issues.
Listening to the soundtrack on its own, you can get the feeling of the kind of show
Shield Hero wants to be, but the issues I have are two fold even if
they are personal gripes. One, while listening to the soundtrack after
having watched the show I could never get that like playback feeling in my head
where I can imagine what was happening in the episode at the time this
song was playing. Contrast that with Made in Abyss by both the
same studio and composer and that’s very different as I can joyfully recall the majority of narrative
beats from the series just from hearing the soundtrack.

While I don’t claim to be an expert on music
or how it can benefit the narrative, but in my layman opinion, especially in the
early episodes I kept feeling like the soundtrack wasn’t given room to breathe in the same
way that others do. I went into the series knowing that I would
probably love the soundtrack given it’s pedigree but could honestly say that after the first
3 or 4 episodes that I didn’t remember any of the music from those episodes. I can listen
to the OST on its own and love it but I just felt in the show itself it got pushed
to the sidelines, which is a real shame. What I’m saying is go listen to the soundtrack,
it’s literally like the best thing here. Alright so, with the obvious good points out
of the way I wanted to move onto the elements I personally had a lot of problems with. I
know what a lot of other people have problems with as far as the narrative of the show is
concerned and rather than regurgitate the

Majority of that I wanted to elaborate on my issues
which in some ways aligns with those people’s thoughts but maybe just from a different angle. I’ve been able to pair down my problems
with Shield Hero to two main issues. We could argue and discuss other issues and
their relevance and be here all day, but most of them in my mind come down to two
factors: The Pacing, and the Main Character. The Pacing is…..*sigh* Well to bring up the SAO comparison again,
it too decides that time jumping and quickly moving from major
story beat to major story beat in leu of actually taking a moment to breathe and
let us see how the characters live in this world, is the right way to have us enamored by its

The plot as a general “we have to save the world” story is restricted
in that the end of the world comes in waves. Literal waves of enemies appear after a set
amount of time and they are either defeated by the heroes, or the world is destroyed.
With each wave scaling in difficulty like this is a Tower Defense game the waves
would almost make good bookends on various acts but the writing has other
plans. The characters could spend the arc either learning something new about the laws of the
world, building up to a brand new challenge of the next wave. But we don’t get that. The first wave we experience is after,
what can best be described as a montage. Time skips forward like a month in the third
episode just so we can get to the wave

And hopefully progress the story beyond it. Now you can argue that nothing interesting
could happen in that month and doing a training montage instead just saves time
to get to the more meaty bits of the story, but I would instead argue that this month
would have been a perfect time to do a bunch of world building. Like at this point we are only at the third
episode, we know very little about this fantasy world and even how the gaming mechanics properly
function. Naofumi keeps getting new functions for his shield but we never get to see him

use much if any of them. He just sort of has them for future battles
like a McGuffin that comes in handy with just the right shield for the situation
that they happened to pick up off screen. We haven’t even really by this point explained
what the shield hero is exactly,

So what’s his purpose or place in the group
of heroes? Are there other places in the world besides
the country they started in? and what I thought would have been super important
for Naofumi to try and find out around this time, what is the history of the Shield Hero and
why were people against him before he even showed up? The slightly more frustrating thing in hindsight
is that most of these questions aren’t even answered after the whole first season.
But instead of any of that, the pacing of the story suffers because the
story keeps trying to skip ahead to what it feels like is the more interesting
bits, without realizing that well at least for me what Shield Hero thinks is important storytelling
is the same kind of thing

That enrages me as a viewer. Which leads us
to our second point. Naofumi is an asshole. What is the purpose of the main character?
Especially in an action series such as this? The main character is one who the audience
is supposed to either relate too in experiences or at least show empathy toward and want to
cheer for. When our main characters eventually find themselves
against almost impossible odds, we the audience want to be able to cheer them
on, to hope and pray for their success even if, well of course the good guy is going to win
in the end. But that fact doesn’t matter because it’s the willpower and gumption
of our hero that wins us over. I didn’t get that with Naofumi. Like at
all. Hell when a new villain shows up to utterly
smack down the heroes into the dirt

I should not be cheering for HER, pleading
YES JUST END THIS ALREADY. No I’m not biased because her name is Glass. This is like walking into a showing of Jaws
just to cheer for the shark. Like you can do it but it’s in no way what
the creators intended. Don’t get me wrong, I can see why many
people sympathize with Naofumi and why the show wants ME to be sympathetic.
He got dealt a bad hand. Nothing really goes right for him, he’s
ridiculed at every turn, and the story against him becomes stupidly predictable in a way that
is sighingly obvious. Like Any time, ANY TIME Naofumi is having
a good day, that exact scene leads into a brand new horrible situation
where the world is out to screw him and the question of WHY?

Is one that the show pretty much refuses to
answer in a satisfying way. The king of the land has a bone to pick with
him from almost day one, seemingly with some kind of history or belief
that the Shield Hero is responsible for something tragic in his family but the
story, at least in the show, never wants to explain this. Malty is the first real antagonist for the
series, both by stealing all of Naofumi’s belongings and beginning his initial fall into disfavour
by all after falsely accusing him of sexual assault. But her motivations are never really explained. After the accusations she ends up joining
the Spear hero’s party as his second in command

And she ends up wrapping him in her little
finger to help achieve her desires for more power among the nobility and potentially
the crown itself, but nothing makes it clear that framing Naofumi was necessary
for any of this, and her antagonistic attitude towards him just comes off as trite
and forced. Her schemes almost become laughable by how
cartoonish evil they sound and the only real explanation the show gives
is well… there’s no other antagonist and we don’t want to treat the waves as
this evil force without a face sooooooooooo here’s this bi**h! Now it also doesn’t help that virtually
everyone else in the show is an asshole too. The other Heroes keep moving on a scale from
just obvious, to negligibly incompetent. Naofumi makes a comment at one point that
they treat saving the world like it’s a video game

And that’s pretty much dead on. Their behavior
both to the mission, their party, and each other is recognizable to anyone who’s been in
hard-core MMO raiding team before. But not the parties that actually get world
firsts. Which is half the problem. From the moment they take two steps into the
world they have an air and attitude like they know exactly what they are doing,
that they are the best people for the job, and that everyone else should bow before their
awesomeness. Because they are the heroes! They get it set in their minds what the best
way to do something is and they will smack their faces into the wall continually
despite any evidence to the contrary. They have gaming knowledge and experience
sure, but I got the feeling like they are far more used to following the guides of other
gamers and re-iterating it back

To their party like they came up with the
strategy in the first place. Like the guy who shows up to a blind run of
a savage raid, having already seen a walkthrough, and lambasts anyone else for not seeing the
“Obvious” mechanics that they themselves “just innately knew”. which is all bullshit Problem being in this case there is no guide for
them to follow, so they muddle their way through and take all the credit
at the end. The Second wave had them be completely incompetent
and help with exactly zilch in defeating both the actual boss and Glass
when she makes her appearance. You’d think that this would be the sobering
experience for them, telling them that perhaps their current strategies need improvement
and that if the guy without a weapon who’s under-leveled to boot could do so
much better then them that something needs

To change. That they need to, what’s the words? But no, they don’t change, if anything they
double down. When the third wave comes around we see them
get blasted away and need to be saved by their NPC party members.
Only to infuriatingly waltz up at the end expecting the good loot. Several characters constantly state throughout
the series that the four heroes need to team up to even have a chance to save
the world, but at least in this first season having not looked at the manga or the Light Novel there’s no concrete evidence shown that
this is a winning strategy at all. But how does everyone else being an asshole
make Naofumi an asshole? Is he not just a victim of circumstance, who
like almost every action hero before him

Overcomes adversity to prevail against evil?
Or something like that? True, yes that does happen, but in the most
spiteful and begrudging way possible. Now this is where and why I feel like my enjoyment
of this show is hampered compared to actual fans of the series. I have particular notions as to what a hero
is and how roughly a hero should act. While they are not as rigid like the D&D Alignment
type rules where one expects heroes to be Lawful goodie goodies, and I
don’t deny the role that anti-heroes can have in stories, there is a particular
way I expect heroes to take the high ground when possible. Naofumi is the kind of guy that goes
low at pretty much every opportunity. Again, the argument in his favor is that most
of the time he is only responding to people with the same level of antagonism that is
shown to him, and why should he attempt

To be respectful or show any level of decency
when he himself is given none. Why take the high ground, when he can go low, get what he wants and then still have the satisfaction that he was able to toss that last little bit of extra dirt. and if you want to go that way, sure. For me this is why I can’t relate to him,
why I can’t cheer for him, why there came a point when I stopped looking
at the actions of those against him with a belief that they were being completely
unfair and started just thinking. Yep. That’s rough buddy. Because Naofumi has already shown me that
there’s a good possibility that if he had the power and ability from
the get go, he’d probably be just as spiteful as those he is against. He just never seems to have the upper hand.

Now I want to somehow think positively for
a moment. I also like to think that a character under
the right circumstances can be redeemed through their actions. I’d like to think that someone who started
off as an absolute asshole can properly heal turn in to a half decent
human being by the end. There are plenty of examples throughout popular
culture where real villains and antagonists can become if not lovable heroes, but at least
understood entities that even if we can see why they are evil
and understand that they can’t ever be good, we don’t fault them so much as the experiences
through which they went through to get to where they are. Redemption arcs are very much a well-known
thing so I’d like to assume that one of the reasons why people find enjoyment
with this series is because

Unlike me people can forgive actions Naofumi
makes because a future redemption is presumed. That his actions towards Raphtalia and Filo
end up changing his attitude for the better so that eventually, when distanced far enough
from the elements of the world that gave him so much grief, that he can slowly
over the course of the story become a better person. But in this case it’s not something the
story had anywhere near enough time to showcase. While I can try to be optimistic and think
that the recently announced seasons 2 and 3 will be able to take a semblance of character
redemption and properly put it into place, not just for Naofumi but for the rest of the
Heroes as well so that they eventually can become a team and save the world, I have
nagging suspicions that it won’t happen this way.

Which, is the underlying issue that I think
really factors into if you are both likely to watch and enjoy the series, as well as look forward to more of the show
being adapted. There are plenty of people who dropped the
show after the first three episodes or didn’t even start the show at all because
they heard of both what happens to Naofumi and how he reacts. How the show and the characters frame him,
both narratively and literally, and how the series tries to set itself apart
from others in the genre. I think there is a line for most people of
how far a character can go before they are considered irredeemable and for many
Naofumi and Shield Hero as a series crossed that line almost instantly. But there are
others who can get through the series and either

Believe that a kind of redemption for Naofumi
IS in the cards, or believe that he has been completely justified since the
beginning. Their line is a lot further out, Maybe a lot further out. and the show hasn’t or may never cross the
line for those people. I can’t speak for them. I can only speak for my own personal opinion
on the series and whether I am looking forward to more.
Something which, I can at least say for now I’m not EXCITED for more shield
hero. But I don’t carry the same rage and frustration towards it that I did at the beginning. I
am of the mindset that even if Naofumi gets redemption or moves in that direction there’s still
plenty about the world of Shield Hero

That stops it from being an enjoyable show
for me. Outside Naofumi’s party and really the proper
otherworldly antagonists, there is almost no one in the supporting cast
I care about. The other heroes are continually acting in
idiotic ways, and in fact my opinion of them has only worsened with
every appearance. The Queen’s actions and choices have been
extremely questionable, I just feel like, even if I can come to like
Naofumi, which is an extremely hard sell, then I still might want him to fail anyways
because I keep finding myself cheering for the “bad guys”, so really that’s my problem, I just don’t care enough. What would I say to watch instead? Oh boy,
I’m not sure.

There are plenty of other shows in the genre
that I think do similar things but just better like Log Horizon or even Re;Zero. So check
those out if you haven’t. Really though, I think one recommendation
I have might seem a bit out there. But if you haven’t watched Bokurano yet,
I’d highly recommend it. Mostly because when Shield Hero has been giving
us a taste of where it’s going with Glass and her party against Naofumi and the heroes
of his world, I can’t help but think that it’s going down a very similar path
that Bokurano did, but nowhere near as good. So while Bokurano is far more drama and mecha
focused the events that happen to that world and those elements might play
a factor in Shield Heroes future plot. So it’ll be a good comparison if Shield
Hero does indeed go down that route. If I’ve interested you in Shield Hero enough
for you want to check it out yourself and form your own opinion then you can check
it out over on Crunchyroll

Also, should you prefer the manga and Light Novel upon which all of this was based perhaps to see if that would give you a different outlook on that material as a whole Both of them are available from our good friends over at Bookwalker! There will be a coupon code in the description
for first time users of their service should you require it. So please check that out. I am very sorry to people to love Shield Hero
to pieces. I know you are out there, and don’t think
worse of you, but there are just things about it that I can’t get over, can’t
forgive, and while I’m leaving it open for perhaps the later seasons to impress me, I’m really not

But I’ll give it a shot. Why? because I have the support to be able
to do so from the wonderful people who support me on Patreon! Man that was a horrible segue… Specifically though, I want to give particular
shout-outs to patrons Hector Montemayor, Siri Yamiko, Ryefan Boneapart, Rune Jachobson,
Calhoonboy , and Richard Bradley for being especially awesome. You guys are
great! So that’s it from me, feel free to go down into the comments and tell me how wrong I am. Tweet at me too! I sure as hell won’t block you. And ladies,
gentlemen, and others – watch more anime…and stay frosty.


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